Friday, February 12, 2010

third grade!!!!

hey guys so now im in 3rd grade. Which I thought would be extreamley scary but turned out fabulous! I have new friends and a wonderful teacher which is MR.KIMBALL! and hes A chiristan . and im extreamly thankful for not getting Mrs.JAMES I dont even know why shes a teacher. Its like she hates kids. She screams at us and I can't imagine what the kids in her class are feeling like! They must be scared to death, but I'm sure there's still a good person in her somewhere.

My dad has been working a lot lately and even though it's cool cuz my parents get $$, I miss my dad. We were going to go to a Father/Daughter dance last weekend but he had to work. But the cool thing is that my mom is taking me to a Valentine's Dance this weekend. I think it will be fun but I don't know how to dance but the good thing is they are going to give us lesson for the first 30 minutes!! I wonder what we'll wear?!?!! Maybe we'll get dressed up!

Last Friday, my mom and I went on a date to Barnes & Noble. It's one of those dates like I was talking about in one of my posts before. It a Secret Keeper Girl Date. We learned about how important it is to dress carefully so that we please God and don't attract the wrong kind of attention from men/boys. We also got cappuccino's from Starbucks while we were there. And I got to get a very cool scratch off book thing where you can draw fashion design pictures.

I can't believe Valentines Day is in 2 days. And we are out of school for 4 days this weekend! Yay! I wish it was summer already. We have a pool and I'm ready to go swimming!
Tomorrow my mom is going to take me and my brother and sign us up for baseball and softball.

Okay well, I'm gonna spend the night with my grammy tonight so I gotta go 4 now! Later gators!