Sunday, January 24, 2010


oh my gosh i loved my 9th birthday it was the ultimit all my friends were there Payton,Maddie,karsyn,taylor and me. we all went to cicis pizza and then the raddison hotel and went to the pool it was great i loved swimming we played games and video taped and watch TV and went to bed but me and my other friend stayed up till 3:43 playing triks on other girls such as puting ice pepoles pants and puting lotion on pepoles faces while they were asleep and my friend maddie tryd to make cofee without a filter. The stuff she invented would not stop coming out of the coffee maker so we had to get a cup before it came out all over the hotel counter in the bathroom. After that, Payton said her foot started to hurt so I got out a spa kit that I brought at 1:30, I'm guessing, and filled it up with hot water so she could put her feet it in and maybe it would help, without my mom knowing any of this. But, Payton didn't even use the spa but I did and it got all over the ground of the bathroom in the hotel. And then my mom woke up, so it was called cleaning time for all of us and stopping the coffee maker. Then we hopped back in bed after we got everything fixed but me and Maddison were still awake and that is when we did the triks to everyone else. It was just great. That's one of the best birthday parties I've had.
The next morning, we got up and took showers and got everything ready as quick as we could. We went to chick-fil-a for lunch (I bought with my own money!) and then we headed to my house and everyone got picked up.
Also there's lots of pictures below this.

On my real birthday, January 11th, my mom picked me up for lunch from school and took me to Subway. Then took me back to school and we had cupcakes with my class. Then after school we got to go to the gas station and get icee's and snacks. Then for dinner we went to Applebees with my family and my grandma and grandpa and we had a cookie cake, which was the best. Then we came home and I got my big present, which was a beautiful bike. You can ride backwards on it! The pedal goes backwards. It's purple and it says FSG which stands for Free Style Girl. Plus, my nana and grandpa Duane sent me a basket I could put on there to carry stuff when I ride. I love my new bike. I love my parents. I love my family. I love my birthday party. I love my friends!!!


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Me in my new shirt, vest & boots

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My party at CiCi's

Payton, Grant, Madison, Brooklyn, Karsyn, Taylor
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Me in the snow!!!

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Mom and Dad going to the Ball

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Blizzard 2009

My family during Christmas in the "Blizzard."
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My 9th Birthday Party