Thursday, March 10, 2011

another SORE throat!!!!!!(nooooooooo)!

Hey this is brook and I’m not feeling very great. It all started Monday. So that morning I woke up and got ready for school and everything was normal then I went to school and once again everything was normal but then we went to P.E and that’s when everything started. Our P.E teacher M.r Collins had us pick a small round mat that had a exercise on it and we would read our exercise and do it for about a minute or two and then we would rotate and move to the next exercise so we did that for about 10 minutes once we got done with that he told us to run 10 laps around the gym (which usually we only run 5 laps) and I was breathing so hard and unusually my throat was hurting but I just thought I just needed a drink after class. Anyway, after that he\Mr. Collins said we as a class could decide what game we wanted to play and we chose color tag what you do in color tag is Mr. Collins would choose three students to call a color and the rest of the students would stand behind a line that goes all the way around the gym anyways the kids that stand behind the line wait till the three kids that call that call will call a color and the kids behind the line will run if they’re wearing that color !but back to the point I was one of the taggers (which is one of the students that calls a color ) and I ran even more and A LOT harder! that day I came home feeling bad and stayed home the next day instead of going to school I had a temperature and was not happy grant also came home Monday sick too so the next day mom took us to the doctor and we both seemed to have the same problem a URI which means Upper Respiratory Infection (ahhhhh) not fun but hopefully we recover soon!!! :0)