Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby Audrey is Born!

Today I got out of school early. It was very rainy today. I played in the rain a little bit. We went to the hospital to see the baby get born. Me and Grant waited in the waiting room with Faith and Lauren for Audrey to be born. She is so cute!

Monday, April 14, 2008

What it's like today

today at scdaool i had a good day but do you memeber the day that i toct about the tadpoles? Sadly, they were getting sick and some died and my teacher's son that takes care of them forgot to feed them and so they put them in the pond because they were about to die. Hopefully next week we'll have another animal that can come in our school, like a fish.

My mom's friend has 2 daughters and there is about to be another one. She is pregnant right now and the baby's name is going to be Audrey. I totally thought it was going to be a boy. The 2 daughters are mine and my brother's best friends. We want to see them sooner. I am happy that we get to come and see Rachael almost about to have the baby. I can hardly wait! She is going to have the baby on Thursday!

My mom is going to let me go to a fun place. We haven't decided yet where. I am excited she would let me go somewhere fun. I am kind of excited my brother is not going to come with us because he is a punk. This is some time for me to spend with just my mom and my dad. It sounds like it's gonna be fun. It's a special time too. I wonder what we should do?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


this afternoon i played in the rain puddle my booots were a puddle haha my whole body was soaked too. i felt like a big raindrop about to fall on the ground in a big rain puddle. i was very happy to go back inside it felt better. Then I took all my clothes off and put on warm, dry clothes.

Today's silliness

Today it was and still is raining very hard, but I think it will quit sometime from a long time from now like tomorrow. My dad went hunting. We prayed a lot for him. We were so happy because he caught a turkey.

Today at school we got tadpoles. We had them from today and yesterday. They look kind of weird after they hatch. A little bit of them did today. Now I know what it looks like. Soon all of them will hatch because a lot of them hatched today. There is a little bit that are a little bit bigger than the ones today. They are growing tails and little feet. I think that they will turn out cute.

Yesterday at McDonalds, me and my brother and my mom were eating. Then I spotted an ant on the back of my mom's seat. I said, "Look! There's an ant!" Then I saw lots of them. They were all over the place. We were surprised that McDonalds would be the place to have ants everywhere.

My mom tried to make us happy by letting us go golfing. The next day she let us go to the movies. We're happy but after all the fun stuff, we have to go to Wal-Mart or some other shopping place and we act sort of bad because we got very bored. My mom almost scared the pants off of me when she yelled at me and I think I deserve it because I was acting bad. So was my brother. We're sorry but I couldn't help it. My brother made me crack up. He was acting so funny now as I am tying, I am laughing too. ha ha
My mom will never take us anywhere fun again, I bet. At least that's what she said, but I think that's just story-telling. But now that I think she's just story-telling, I feel better because we had lots of fun at golfing and the movies. We sure did act bad when we went to the movies. We were the only ones in the movies. Me and
Grant were thinking that we could play around and act silly and talk loud. My mom wanted to scream. We had fun but after we got in trouble, we had to sit down where we were at the first place and stay there but now we will not do that again. Unless my brother forces me to have fun like we got in trouble.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Last night, my brother and I slept upstairs on our air mattress. I was very disappointed because when I woke up I noticed that we sunk. It felt like I was on the hard floor. It felt very horrible. I was madder than what I've ever felt before because now my back hurts but at least I got to sleep.

Me and my brother, Grant, swung together on the swing out in our tree. We did the spider. He got on top of me and he sat on my lap. We twirled around. I noticed that we were going to be friends today.

Today me and my mom and my brother all painted on my new desk. It was dark pink. We had very fun but I sort of messed up. After we got done, I took the lid and put finger prints on the napkin. It went through the paper onto mom's table but she fixed the problem. She wiped it off.

Here is a picture of me and my brother painting the desk.

Here is a picture of my puppy, Sadie.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Hey! What's going on? I just started a new blog. I hope you enjoy what I am writing. I can't wait to go out to eat with my friends tonight for dinner. Talk to ya'll again soon!

2nd grade teachers are mean

Today at school my friend said to me that she heard a 2nd grade teacher talking to her class. She said very harshly, "Jake, You better be quiet because Octavius and Ben have already got in trouble. Be Quiet! Lay your heads down now! Carry on class." And that is why I think 2nd grade teachers are mean.

Dear Reagan, Today I got my blog. My mom helped me. I think this is kind of cool. Now I can talk to my friends without having to see them.