Saturday, April 5, 2008


Last night, my brother and I slept upstairs on our air mattress. I was very disappointed because when I woke up I noticed that we sunk. It felt like I was on the hard floor. It felt very horrible. I was madder than what I've ever felt before because now my back hurts but at least I got to sleep.

Me and my brother, Grant, swung together on the swing out in our tree. We did the spider. He got on top of me and he sat on my lap. We twirled around. I noticed that we were going to be friends today.

Today me and my mom and my brother all painted on my new desk. It was dark pink. We had very fun but I sort of messed up. After we got done, I took the lid and put finger prints on the napkin. It went through the paper onto mom's table but she fixed the problem. She wiped it off.

Here is a picture of me and my brother painting the desk.

Here is a picture of my puppy, Sadie.