Monday, April 14, 2008

What it's like today

today at scdaool i had a good day but do you memeber the day that i toct about the tadpoles? Sadly, they were getting sick and some died and my teacher's son that takes care of them forgot to feed them and so they put them in the pond because they were about to die. Hopefully next week we'll have another animal that can come in our school, like a fish.

My mom's friend has 2 daughters and there is about to be another one. She is pregnant right now and the baby's name is going to be Audrey. I totally thought it was going to be a boy. The 2 daughters are mine and my brother's best friends. We want to see them sooner. I am happy that we get to come and see Rachael almost about to have the baby. I can hardly wait! She is going to have the baby on Thursday!

My mom is going to let me go to a fun place. We haven't decided yet where. I am excited she would let me go somewhere fun. I am kind of excited my brother is not going to come with us because he is a punk. This is some time for me to spend with just my mom and my dad. It sounds like it's gonna be fun. It's a special time too. I wonder what we should do?