Sunday, May 31, 2009

me and grant my bro

Me and my brother went out side and I said hey lets make some mud brownies. He said sure. We took it on the trampoline and we got this thing that went to the pool to make it into squares but we couldn't pick it up with our hands so he said how about we get that old cup and make the brownies into a shake so Isaid good idea so he said who are we gonna give it to isaid how about ant Pegy so we did it and it worked she stuckher finger in it .

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mysterious at the Mall

So you know that i've ben going on dates with my mom well gess what me and my mom were minding own bisness until we notice there was A bag laying all alone and we picked it up and took it to the lost and found about 4 min. we later we noticed that we had ben followed by A strange man the one thing I noticed was that he was wearing plain close about 3 min. later he was still there the last time we saw him was wear we were siting down on the couches and he was right behind us on the other couch. My mom looked back and saw him staring at her. That is when she started to freak out and me too. Then we went into Macy's (that was the closest place). We called security to pick us up and take us to our car. I didn't know for sure who it was but when my mom said waht happened, I understood very clearly. Then on the drive home, someone was following us. me and my mom were not sure about this night. We were kind of confused. We had got followed a lot. Well everything else came out perfect. We had a great time.