Sunday, May 31, 2009

me and grant my bro

Me and my brother went out side and I said hey lets make some mud brownies. He said sure. We took it on the trampoline and we got this thing that went to the pool to make it into squares but we couldn't pick it up with our hands so he said how about we get that old cup and make the brownies into a shake so Isaid good idea so he said who are we gonna give it to isaid how about ant Pegy so we did it and it worked she stuckher finger in it .

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Amy said...

I used to love making mud pies when I was your age. I even got to do it with my students at the daycare when I worked there. All the other teachers thought I was crazy for getting so messy but I sure had fun! Have you ever painted with chocolate pudding? That's really messy too but fun because you can actually eat the paint. :) See if your mom will let you try it. Maybe outside so it's not messy in the house and you can run through the sprinkler to clean off.