Sunday, November 15, 2009


A cople of months ago my mom and dad went to a chirstan concert and while they were there they got this thing calld Compassion. It had a picture of a lil. girl and it said Olivia then i found out that we we will be her helper. Now we help her with food and money plus best of all with being a christian. Its really fun great and helpful. I like it alot and she's perfect for us. Its like GOD sent her to us! Well got to go. bye!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


the other day i was at my friends and they had a pool and my brother was there too and we were playing a game and so me and my friend had to get scishie pool toys at grant he had to do the same thing to us and so what happend was i thro the toy at him and then he thro one at my friend and then we ran so he didint get us again i jumped in the pool and then grant jumped on me and stayed on my head where I was under the water for about 20 seconds and my mother didn't resque me until she was done talking to her friend but that's okay becuase i lived.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

rafting trips

hi my hole family came and we all went on a 6 hour rafting trip boring at first but then when my daring ant pushed me in and i was of cours i was screeming but after a wile i had a nof will power to get in like every one else and i never got back in the boat and stayed with my aunt, then my cousin got in and the three of us had the time of our lives! by

Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4 of july

today I did fireworks we had only lil. ones witch is ok but our neighbors had big ones that are reley hi we were so attractive we could'nt keep our eyes of them and we also watched a movie about after the rapture and after that it made me think i wonder if dogs go to heaven if you right back I got to go happy 4 of july.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

me and grant my bro

Me and my brother went out side and I said hey lets make some mud brownies. He said sure. We took it on the trampoline and we got this thing that went to the pool to make it into squares but we couldn't pick it up with our hands so he said how about we get that old cup and make the brownies into a shake so Isaid good idea so he said who are we gonna give it to isaid how about ant Pegy so we did it and it worked she stuckher finger in it .

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mysterious at the Mall

So you know that i've ben going on dates with my mom well gess what me and my mom were minding own bisness until we notice there was A bag laying all alone and we picked it up and took it to the lost and found about 4 min. we later we noticed that we had ben followed by A strange man the one thing I noticed was that he was wearing plain close about 3 min. later he was still there the last time we saw him was wear we were siting down on the couches and he was right behind us on the other couch. My mom looked back and saw him staring at her. That is when she started to freak out and me too. Then we went into Macy's (that was the closest place). We called security to pick us up and take us to our car. I didn't know for sure who it was but when my mom said waht happened, I understood very clearly. Then on the drive home, someone was following us. me and my mom were not sure about this night. We were kind of confused. We had got followed a lot. Well everything else came out perfect. We had a great time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

two different things

god has ben very good in my life but this time was the best evrer becase I had a date with my very own mom some pepole may think it's werd but i don't think that mom and I had the best time ever and at the same time we got more time with god wich was a blessing nothing coud compair to that good date i know that was short but i gotta run see ya

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My birthday Party

Last Sunday was my 8th birthday. It was very fun. I had a lot of my friends there. We got to go to the fondue at The Melting Pot. We also got our nails done and we went to eat at Uncle Vinny's pizza place. I got to make my own pizza. It was very very fun because I got to make everything I wanted with the pepperonies--even a smiley face.
I got lots of lots of things from my friends Faith & Lauren that I talked about when we went to the park. And my other friend Belle got me a watch kit. That was cool because now I can tell time.
My grandma gave me a karaoke machine and some karaoke cd's. My parents gave me some pajamas and a go kart. It's green and it is so cool and I named it even. It's name is 100% cool and green. Now it feels like I am driving a miniature car. It does go as fast as a car, my dad said.
I get to drive people around and on my birthday, I got to drive everyone around that was there except my aunt & uncle.
Today we got to ride it through my grandpas barn and all through the field.
On Friday my mom brought cheese breadsticks, drinks and fun-dips for my whole class. And she read the class one of our FAVORITE books called "You Are Special" by Max Lucado. I was student of the week. I got to bring a poster that was all about me. It had stuff about my family, my friends, my go kart and my dogs. It was fun because I got to be the leader and a helper all week but this real popular girl to Ms. Flowers that I don't like did it if I wasn't in the room or wasn't listening to her.
School is fun. I get to see all my friends but the one thing I don't like about it is sitting in class and doing my work...but it is how you learn. Well, talk to you later! Bye.