Sunday, November 15, 2009


A cople of months ago my mom and dad went to a chirstan concert and while they were there they got this thing calld Compassion. It had a picture of a lil. girl and it said Olivia then i found out that we we will be her helper. Now we help her with food and money plus best of all with being a christian. Its really fun great and helpful. I like it alot and she's perfect for us. Its like GOD sent her to us! Well got to go. bye!


Brooklyn said...

Brooklyn, I'm so glad you are excited about helping Olivia! We are going to have a great time being her sponsor as she grows up! I hope that this experience teaches you to be grateful and compassionate!
I love you my sweet girl!

Cale said...

Brooke, I agree with your mom. It's so good to see you excited about helping others. That is the best way to show others that you love them, by helping them.
Well I love you and will see you at Christmas!

Anonymous said...

so glad you like helping olivia. i think its so nice love payton

PAYTON said...

so so so so so so so so so so so so nice from.payton