Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My family

Tonight my family which would be my
mom, me, my dad, my brother, my grandma and grandpa are all going out to eat at a pizza place called Goodfellow's Pizzeria. I'm excited because this is kind of fun. For a couple of nights my mom and my grandma have been switching around house by house with dinner. I love my new dog, Kinley. She's really cute and her little face is so round. I think this dog will stay with us forever.
Not having to go to school is really fun but my dad and my mom still have to work. Today we went to the park with some of our friends. They were sisters, the girls we went with. We took Kinley too. Their names are Faith, Lauren and Audrey. Audrey is a baby. Faith is close to being the same age as me and Lauren is almost the same age as Grant. They were going to bring their little dog named Tinkerbell to play with Kinley but they didn't.
Yesterday I did The Biggest Loser workout with my mom and now my arms are sore! But, I can't wait to do another one because I know that if I'm sore, I must be losing weight--or close. We are going to get my picture taken tomorrow. I hope I can find something cute to wear.
For Christmas I got Heely's. They are fun. I wore them to the park today.
Bye for now. See you next time I write on my blog!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


For some reason the comments were removed from my blog...but now I think we've got it fixed! Please leave me a comment and let me know you were here! Thanks!

Meet Kinley

This is our new puppy Kinley! Isn't she cute?

Merry Christmas!

When I woke up on Christmas Eve I saw lots of people. I saw my cousins and my aunts and uncles. It was really fun because everyone was playing games and even though I didn’t get to do it, it was still fun watching. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays because everyone comes. I get to see all of my family. I’m really glad that Jesus was born so we could celebrate Christmas. What I got for Christmas was a really cool thing. It was called a Spa. This is one where you don’t have to spend a lot of money but you do have to buy it. It is pink and white and what you do is there is a little knob and you can turn it and on 2 is warming and bubbling, 3 is the best one of all. It vibrates and bubbles and warming. 1 is kind of lame. All it does is massage you but a lot of people liked it. It is fun making people happy. I got lots of other presents too but you probably wouldn’t want to hear about all of them. Before Christmas even started we went to the Christmas Train. It was really cool. It showed the real birth of baby Jesus. When we went around the track we saw billboards with signs of baby Jesus and with plays of Baby Jesus and about it. Then we did lots of other stuff and went to stores and I got the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s a cash-register pencil sharpener and you press a button on the side to dump out the shavings. You sharpen it where you put the money. I like it a lot. If only the whole family could have gone but it was just the 4 of us.
On Christmas day we went to go see the movie Marley and me. It was kind of cool but kind of gross because it talked about stuff only grownups should do. (like s-e-x and stuff).
My favorite food we ate was all of the sweets, lots of cookies and cake. But I did have to eat some real food before I had all that good stuff. I just can’t wait for another holiday to come up. My birthday is in 16 days from today. I’m totally excited. I will be 8. It’s hard to pick what I am going to have—like Hannah Montana because I’ve already had all the cool stuff. I really want to go to the Melting Pot fondue restaurant. I don’t know who I’m going to invite though!
I think being out of school for 2 weeks is so awesome. My dad is off work for a whole week too and that is so cool. My mom is usually stressed out and mad but now with my dad’s help its all perfect. I don’t think my dad should quit his job because he really does need to make some money but it would be really fun.
Today we are thinking about a dog. We’ve lost 2 already and that was sad. But now we are going to get another one I hope. My mom has been dying for a yorkie. It’s really exciting but this dog might die again too. I hope its not like the last dog we had. The last one was scared of us and ran off and other people got it because they found it because one time me and my mom and my brother went to the library and usually they put a paper on the door if they found any dogs. My mom found it but they already gave it away. I thought that my mom should put them in court but I guess they needed the dog.
Now we are trying to figure out what our new dogs name will be. I really like Zoe. My mom likes Mylie and Shaydie. My dad was being funny and said to name it turd. I said no way. My brother doesn’t even want the dog He said it was dumb. That sounds exactly like my grandpa. He said all the dog does is poop and pee and puke. I still want a dog though because it will be like having a baby sister…which I’ve always wanted but my mom won’t have.
Okay, that’s all for now. I’m tired.