Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My family

Tonight my family which would be my
mom, me, my dad, my brother, my grandma and grandpa are all going out to eat at a pizza place called Goodfellow's Pizzeria. I'm excited because this is kind of fun. For a couple of nights my mom and my grandma have been switching around house by house with dinner. I love my new dog, Kinley. She's really cute and her little face is so round. I think this dog will stay with us forever.
Not having to go to school is really fun but my dad and my mom still have to work. Today we went to the park with some of our friends. They were sisters, the girls we went with. We took Kinley too. Their names are Faith, Lauren and Audrey. Audrey is a baby. Faith is close to being the same age as me and Lauren is almost the same age as Grant. They were going to bring their little dog named Tinkerbell to play with Kinley but they didn't.
Yesterday I did The Biggest Loser workout with my mom and now my arms are sore! But, I can't wait to do another one because I know that if I'm sore, I must be losing weight--or close. We are going to get my picture taken tomorrow. I hope I can find something cute to wear.
For Christmas I got Heely's. They are fun. I wore them to the park today.
Bye for now. See you next time I write on my blog!


Tammy said...

Hi Brooklyn! Sounds like you've been a busy girl! I'm glad you had a good Christmas and are enjoying your new puppy :)

P.S. Mason wants Heelys too. Think I should get him a pair?

Amy said...

Hi Brooklyn! I know I am WAY late with saying this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I read about your birthday party on your mom's blog and it sounds like you had a great time. I can't believe you are growing up so fast! Know what I wish for you? I wish you find a forever friend just like I have found with your mom. Then one day you can write comments on YOUR friends little girl's blog and can say "I knew your mom before you were born." :) It's a pretty cool thing.
Hope we can see you next time we come to visit. I'll let you know when that is...when I find out myself. :) Tell everyone hi for me!