Thursday, June 7, 2012

summer fun!

For this summer not much is going on but for a really long time almost every summer my mom has been babysitting my best friend Fallon!!! Which is awesome because I get to see her every day of the week except weekends!!!! And if Fallon or one of my other friends arent over then im usually swimming in my big pool!!! I love swimming and summer! So today not much is going on Fallon, my brother Grant, and I got done with breakfast not too long ago and ever sence I woke up this morning I've been hearing "defence" coming from my dad and the TV!! Thunder is what we're (my dad)is going for all of the sudden. Mom is racing around the house getting ready for her workout that she teaches a few days every week. And Fallon and I are sitting around being lazy like always! well i thought i might type a little but now im gonna do smething else! ttyl!       

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